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May 29, 2014 1 Comment

Have we lost the art of being sensual? Perhaps back to basics is the answer?
During our recent photo shoot, is struck me that in our quest to master the most technically-advanced and most uber-flexible moves, perhaps we have lost the art of being sensual on the pole.
Often it seems that new pole moves spread like a Mexican Wave...something is seen on YouTube, or at an international pole competition, and within days, we're all fixated on mastering it.
We train it, obsess over it and when we get it, photograph ourself in it (as evidence this Everest was conquered).
But unlike Everest, there is no great satisfaction at the peak, because in that moment of immense personal satisfaction and joyful celebration, the next move is announced as being the new utopia. 
So when I saw Caroline - pictured here - just sensually spinning around the pole, I remembered all that I love about our art. Its beauty, its femininity and its strength. Even in a basic move.
So I set my challenge... a 3.0 minute routine using nothing but beginner and intermediate moves. Can you make it beautiful? Sensual? And showcase all that is the beauty of pole? 
I hope so...and I'd love you to share your video here, if you're comfortable doing so.
For me, I'm going back to basics to remember where my journey began xx

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August 11, 2014

Beautifully said. Thank-you for sharing this photo! Everyone’s pole journey is different and you are very right that you do not have to do the hardest and flexiest tricks to feel wonderful about this amazing art of ours!

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