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If you've kept your eye on Active Creatures over the last couple of years, then you'll have observed our metamorphosis. Much like a caterpillar develops into a butterfly, we too have gone through a change. And the story behind why is kind of amusing...


We were 100 percent in the business of dance and yoga clothing. And as the business grew, it was Cameron (my husband, bestie and business partner) who started to notice that when customers would repost themselves in our clothing on social media, there was often a dog in the photo. It was so funny; the more we became aware of it, the more we saw it. Dogs lying down in the background of an image, posing, or photo bombing a shot of a woman dancing or practicing yoga – it almost became comical how frequently dogs would appear.

We too have a dog. Conan the Weimaraner. He rules the house, lives like a king and in return offers unconditional love, companionship and loyalty. No matter how miserable or stressful my day might have been, Conan takes his seat by my side, at any hour of the day or night while I work.

So Cameron and I thought - like any creature who sheds its skin and transforms  - it’s time to rethink what our company Active Creatures could be in the future.


When we think about women and their dogs, we think about the incredible connection and love that exists. There's joy, happiness, fun and laughter.

Active Creatures captures the essence of this spirit in a contemporary, fashion-forward collection of clothing for a woman and her pooch.


It’s fun and it’s playful and it is in keeping with our brand’s philosophy of creating a life filled with joy.

Please keep in touch with us and share your feedback. And don't forget to send us photos... because after all, a picture tells one thousand words!  


With love

Melody, Cameron & Conan

Active Creatures


The Active Creatures team

The family snap that failed:  if you have a weim, you know this... getting a good photo of mum, dad and pooch together is a near impossible task!