Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Active Creatures is designed in Australia by a team of passionate people, determined to provide you with excellence in quality garment construction and workmanship. It means that you enjoy the very best looking dance and yoga clothing, with all day comfort and durability.

But our team extends beyond Australia. We work with enthusiastic and professional people overseas, who ensure that the Active Creatures production standards are upheld. Many are women who own their own companies; employ other women; have children and juggle work-life balance...something so familiar to us all!


We take pride in delivering exceptional products to our customers, while also being ethically conscious. And to do this, we have established partnerships with suppliers across the globe who each adhere to the Active Creatures standards and principles. These include:

Sustainable business practices; fashion can be notorious for wastage. That is, too much of a garment produced and not enough buyers. At Active Creatures we have worked with our suppliers to establish a supply chain that enables us to produce quantities to meet demand, meaning we rarely have excess stock. This helps us minimise any wastage.

A focus on workplace safety; we expect our suppliers to provide a safe, clean working environment for their employees. And equally important, reasonable working hours, fair pay and a supportive and collaborative work culture.

A happy and healthy workplace culture; we believe that the happier and healthier the employee, the better the business result. We look for suppliers who love what they do and embed these positive values in their company culture.

A win-win culture; our suppliers are a vitally important part of our business so our focus is on creating a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship for both them and us. We respect their livelihood and remunerate fairly.