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Behavioural Modification Support Package

Behavioural Modification Support Package

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Book a Behavioural Modification Support Package

$790 (7 sessions) 

This package is suitable for owners who have a dog with either multiple behavioural problems, or a very complex problem, such as intense separation anxiety or dog-to-dog fear based reactivity. Both of these issues require time to appropriately correct the problem.

With this package you will learn the fundamentals and work in real-life scenarios to directly address the problems and issues that have been upsetting your dog, while working to create a greater level of confidence and calmness for them.

The seven separate treatment sessions enables you to work closely with Active Creatures' lead trainer, and together, put in place the necessary treatment interventions and strategies that will bring about positive and lasting change in your dog.

Included in this package is:

  • an initial behavioural assessment to understand the issues and problems your dog is experiencing (purchased separately, and redeemable when this treatment plan is purchased).
  • 7 x one hour treatment sessions.
  • a personalised digital behaviour modification plan, that will be implemented across the seven sessions with our lead trainer. This plan is constructed with your input and will directly address the behavioural problem/s identified in the assessment in a way that is easy to follow, and that will help lead to positive results.
  • practical, step-by-step treatment exercises to teach you how to deliver treatment on your own, in between sessions. These exercises will be run like a mini workshop with everything explained and designed in a way that is easy to implement. The goal is to give your dog plenty of opportunities to learn new coping behaviours.
  • best practice treatment methods routinely implemented and discussed with the owner as science and research discoveries are made in addressing problem dog behaviour.
  • ongoing support, telephone check-ins and behavioural training research updates & insights.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lynda Bowering
Rescue's reactivity

Cam has been working with me & our dog Frankie for a few weeks now regarding separation anxiety & reactivity.
Frankie is a small senior rescue dog & although he loves his humans & house mate Buddy, he is very reactive when he sees other dogs out walking.
Cam has taught me a reward based training program which is already showing positive results which should continue to improve with repetition.
I would highly recommend Cam for any dog behaviour issues.

Travis Oliver
PTSD puppy

We had a fun loving puppy until we were hit by an out of control car one day while walking her. She came out of her harness and bolted while we were injured. Luckily she made her way back to us the next day but she was not the same pup anymore. She hated being outside and would lock up her legs and refuse to go for walks. All she wanted to do was go back inside %28if we even got her out the door to begin with%29. We have worked with Cam for a few months now and the change is incredible. We have started to see her confidence come back and her little spark is well and truly lit again. She still has some issues outside but I know that we can work through them now with the help from Cam. It’s been amazing to watch her come back from this horrible trauma and start to enjoy herself again. Thank you so much Cam%2C you really have changed her %28and our%29 life. I recommend Active Creatures whole heartedly. They’ve done a brilliant job and we couldn’t be happier.