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Dogs In Fashion | Doggy Parton Collection

As if being a global icon, country music legend, novelist and philanthropist wasn't enough, Dolly Parton has also launched her own Doggy Parton dog collection (September 2022). Dolly's known as a devoted pet lover and was inspired to start her own line of apparel, accessories and toys with the “Dolly” flair we expect!! And being a passionate supporter of animals, a portion of every purchase will help fund and support Willa B Farms, a rescue where animals in need find never-ending love and care. 

"I Will Always Love You" Dolly.  

Dogs In Fashion
Fashion has long been a channel to promote social causes. And in 2015, Vogue's message was "Save Them AllI", promoting the Best Friends Animal Society, an organisation that works to rescue shelter dogs & cats. It was a supercharged editorial, featuring Gigi Hadid and photographed by Bruce Weber.

Gigi has graced magazines and catwalks alike alongside dogs, and away from the camera, plays mum to numerous pets. Bruce Weber is an American fashion photographer who has incorporated dogs into many iconic fashion shoots and himself, owns a pack of beautiful golden retrievers.
Tom Ford and his dogs
Unless you've been in the fashion wilderness for an awfully long time, you'd know that Tom Ford is an American fashion designer and filmmaker. He launched his luxury brand in 2006, having previously starred as the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. 
And despite the 59 year old's incredible success, fame  and wealth, he talks candidly about living a more simple life with his husband, Richard Buckley and his two Smooth Fox Terrier dogs, Angus and India (RHS image). Tom was first shot by Helmut Newton in 1999 with his dog, John (LHS image) of the same breed, who lived to a healthy 13 years of age.
Cindy Crawford by Helmut Newton

This famous photo of Cindy Crawford with a Doberman Pinscher was taken by Helmut Newton in 2004, when Cindy was 38 years old. Cindy worked many times with Helmut during his career; famous in his own right, Newton was dubbed the King of Kink.

One of the great photographers of the twentieth century, he radicalised fashion photography by redefining the way women were portrayed in advertising for haute couture. Newton paved the way for fashion photography to become more provocative, and more daring.

William Wegman Dogs through fashion history

William Wegman intended to be a painter, but found his way to photography. Despite his obvious talent, his work hadn't attracted mainstream attention until Wegman got his first Weimaraner named "Man Ray" who became a central figure in Wegman's photographs. Over decades, Wegman's awesome photography of Weimaraners in human-like poses continued to humour and delight audiences, and in 2013 he partnered with Stockholm-based fashion house, Acme Studios to present their Spring collection... as modelled by weims here. Wegman's work continues to be exhibited across the world today.


Helmut Newton Dogs in Fashion

Helmut Newton's legacy lives on, with a documentary "The Bad & The Beautiful" recently released in August 2020. He had a “type”; the Newton woman was Amazonian and projected strength, and more often than not she was nude. He regarded the men in his images as “accessories.” Perhaps the role of the beautiful British Bulldog shown here was just that; an accessory. Whatever the case, our Bulldog seems more than happy guarding mum's assets.


Naomi Campbell with Dalmation Dogs

The late Peter Lindbergh, the famed fashion photographer who worked with Naomi Campbell numerous times throughout her career, captured these iconic images for US Vogue in 1990. Many of the clothes in this shoot were from designer, Vivienne Westwood, who loved that the Dalmatian spots were cleaner and more modern than leopard spots!

Naomi Campbell was a young pup herself in this shoot, just 20 years old.


Dogs in Fashion

Photographer, Herb Ritts shot this iconic photo of Kate Moss with a Harlequin Great Dane for Vogue in 1997.⁠ The shoot was about the dangers of sun baking and showed a naked Kate Moss in the arms of the world's largest dog breed.

Known as the gentle giant of the dog world, the stunning, oversized Harlequin Great Dane dog is a favourite for their sweet spirit and family-friendly nature.



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