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Eileen Harper
Reactive towards unfamiliar dogs

I reached out to Cam, rather desperately….Reggie reacting randomly and unexpectedly towards other unfamiliar dogs….resulting in an unfortunate accident..
Cam is an excellent communicator, reliable and more importantly works instinctively. This made all the difference, needless to say, I would highly recommend Cam.

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Daniel Urrutia Cabrera
Fearing strangers - Nutmeg the rescue

Nutmeg came to Melbourne from the NT when she was only a puppy. Since it is likely that she was not exposed enough to people during her first weeks, she developed a strong fear towards strangers and loud noises. Despite giving her lots of training, exercise and opportunities to trust people, she became reactive towards visitors and strangers at the park. We decided to ask for Cam's help when her fear started to transfer toward dogs too.
Cam's tips and training plan gave us the tools to help Nutmeg become more confident and start correcting her reactive behaviour.
We are very happy with Nutmeg's progress, she is more confident around strangers, and her barking at the park has reduced significantly. She still has a long way to go, but thanks to Cam, we are confident we have the right approach to help her!
We'll keep you posted 😁

Sibling rivalry

A few months after our cocker spaniel puppy joined our family Luna began to display agressive behaviour towards our 11yo Westie boy as well as resource guarding particularly stolen contraband..

We were at a loss so we contacted Cam who listened to our issues and quickly set up a time to visit us at home.

The session with Cam was fantastic and he asked a lot of questions about we worked through the situations where the issues were triggering for Luna.

During this session Cam gave a us clear and practical advice on how to manage the various situations. This included how best to avoid creating these as well as strategies to protect the dogs and de-escalate the altercations in a way shaped around positive reinforcement techniques. This framework was followed up in a comprehensive tailored written program for our dogs that all the family can follow.

After implementing these we saw a dramatic decrease in the situations across a five week period with Luna starting to self regulate her emotions towards Finn. We also leant what to look out for to intervene early. Also where we did have a flare up or had concerns Cam was just a call away to get additional support and to ease any concerns we had and keep us on track.

Cam has given us more confidence in managing the situations and helping Luna reshape her behaviour to be more positive towards Finn.

Highly recommend Cam and we are very grateful of his guidance and knowledge.

Chillie the rescue

We rescued Chillie last year, she was very shy and timid at first, then as she became more comfortable and we started to notice some behaviours particularly when visitors came over. She would lunge and bark, our visitors couldn’t go to the toilet without her chasing them, and she even nipped at ankles.
We had one session with Cam, it was comprehensive and interactive, we learnt the skills we needed to start changing Chillies perception of strangers. Cam gave us tools to use at home and also ways to build her confidence outside.
We have seen a significant improvement in Chillies behaviour around strangers, she is much more settled, calm, she knows what is expected of her, she is confident and we have been able to maintain boundaries (because sometimes she thinks she’s the boss!)
Our guests can go to the toilet without Chillie barking at them!
Having visitors over is a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone, and especially for Chillie!
Thank you Cam !

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Nicholas Monterosso
Incredible service!

Cameron’s training has been a great help! He really took the time to explain behaviours, and provide us with the tools necessary to help our boy Stewie! We definitely recommend Cam!

Active Creatures
Matthew Everett
Our anxious fur baby

Cameron at Active Creatures was amazing with our dog Sassy. She was extremely anxious, very dominant with smaller dogs, scared of curtains moving and always cried when she other dogs while we're out walking her. A few hours with Cam and she has changed in such a positive way. She's not completely cured but she has improved so much. No more crying when she sees other dogs, her fear of curtains moving has reduced and most of all the dominant attitude toward smaller dogs has almost completely stopped. I would recommend Cameron to anyone and everyone. He is "The Dog Whisperer"!

Rosie’s sleep problems

Thanks Cam for your step by step guidance with Rosie.
Older dog with health and sleep issues. Not easy.
We have adopted Cams suggestions and have seen improvement with Rosie.
Along with our vet’s assistance.
Cam was respectful and guided us towards our vet’s thoughts and complimented treatment with his expertise on dog behaviour.
Much appreciated and Rosie says thanks

Marge and Louie

Cam has been great we have used his services before for Louie. Now again with Marge (bulldog) she’s very dominating and cam has given us great feedback to help her integration with Louie (King Charles)

Calm and effective training for our reactive dog!

Cam has been so patient with training our energetic and reactive dog, Bailey. He has shown us many helpful tips and tricks that we could easily implement into our everyday lives. Previously our Bailey was always restless, consistently annoyed and pushed around our older dog, pulled and lunged non stop on walks. But after weeks of consistent training and lessons with Cam, Bailey has become much calmer in the house. When on walks, it is mostly loose leash walking and much less reactivity towards other dogs. Bailey is now able to be in close proximity with other dogs without freaking out or wanting to lunge/ chase after them. We could not be more happier with the progress Bailey has made. We went from feeling hopeless to seeing leaps and bounds of progress and enjoying our walks with Bailey. This could not have been accomplished without Cam’s guidance, time and knowledge. We could not thank Cam enough!

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Penelope Steuart
Patient and very helpful with our energetic dog!!

Cam has helped us work with our highly anxious Boston and miniature fox terrier cross. From our first lesson, Cam helped us to understand Piper and what might be behind her behaviour particularly being highly reactive towards other dogs. He was realistic in what we could expect given her energetic personality but we have the methods to assist Piper to cope on her walks. Cam was always positive and patient in giving us feedback as we put his strategies into practice. We realise it is going to take time with no miracles!! But we know we can call on Cam for a booster session!

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Rebecca Johns
Fur-baby meets baby!

Cam was terrific with helping us modify Rosie’s (fur-baby) behaviour once Max (baby) started to crawl. Or probably more accurate, help us modify our own behaviour to help Rosie adapt to the change.

We didn’t need to do much when Max first came along as Rosie didn’t seem too fussed by his presence, but once he was on the move, things got difficult!

Cam fully understood our dilemma and gave us practical and effective strategies to help understand the world from Rosie’s eyes and make a calm and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy.

I highly recommend Cam! His approach is gentle and tailored to your individual circumstances. He is very good with dogs and humans ;)

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Amy Schmidt
Patient with our anxious pup

Cam worked with our cavoodle puppy Max on his separation anxiety. Whilst we knew it would take a while, Cam was so patient with little Max and reassured us along the way that we were making progress.
He was right! We’ve seen Max’s confidence build to the point where he is now fine for us to leave the house.
Cam was so generous with his time, and made sure we were on track between sessions, responding to messages whenever we had a question about the training.

Patient, gentle and positive behaviour training!

Cam has had the patience of a saint working with my hyperactive humper!
His principles are practical and really easy to follow. The detail he went into in providing me a written plan to refer back to has been super helpful as well.
Cam’s cool cucumber nature and positive reinforcement training style has been a wonderful influence for my pup and I through some pretty frustrating and quirky behavioural concerns.
Crumpet is far happier, calmer and a well adjusted 3yo for having worked with Cam over the past year. Highly recommend!

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First Drop Member Unknown
Cam is awesome with dogs

Can only say good things about Cam
He started working with our (slightly troubled/anxious) working dog about 12 months ago as we were looking for someone to walk her once a day whilst we were overseas for a month
We noticed immediate improvement in Beans behaviour and, with a few observations/suggestions from Cam, have enjoyed continued progress with our pooch’s demeanour and handleability
A little jealous of how happy and excited Beans is to see Cam but can live with that
Thanks heaps Cam

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Amanda Ong
Reliable and trustworthy trainer

Cam has been training our female Miniature Bull Terrier for over three years in lead walking and not reacting to dogs that are near her. We have seen great improvement i her behaviour since she started training with Cam, who is very patient with her as she can be very stubborn! Cam is very reliable, trustworthy and punctual.

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Jacki Brewer
Worth every cent

What a fantastic experience it has been working with Cameron! We are so happy with the progress Cooper has made under Cam's patient and calm approach. He took the time to understand our needs and help us focus on the things that were most important. We have so much more confidence now that we have the tools to deal with a variety of situations. Not only do we see a huge improvement in Cooper but we are able to relax & enjoy our time as a family even when there are lots of other dogs around. Cooper is a much happier boy too.

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Susan Thomas
Consistent gentle trainer

I have been working with Cam for a few months to help my 3 yo Kelpie Marley. He was attacked on a beach walk and became quite reactive around bigger black dogs. Slowly Cam has introduced him to situations where there are other dogs. Gradually he is become more confident. Also he has helped with general behaviour. Highly recommend.

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Jack Crook
Fantastic program with a wonderful trainer!

Cameron has been instrumental in helping my recently adopted dog settle in to life in the city. Prior to Cam's intervention, my dog and the neighbour's dog were constantly fighting and stressing each other out. Now they're tolerating each other, and even forming a friendship. It's been wonderful to see, and only possible with Cam's guidance. I (and my dog) appreciate Cam's infinite patience and his very calm and reassuring demeanour. Thank you Active Creatures and thank you very much Cam!

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Oliver Wells
Trustworthy, reliable and effective

Cameron has been helping to train our 2 dogs for around 2 years now. Since they’ve been working with him we’ve noticed a significant improvement in their behaviour both on and off the lead, and they have both become much less reactive and walking them is now so much more enjoyable.

In addition to his skills as a trainer, he is an incredibly reliable, trustworthy and flexible. This has made working with him a breeze. Our dogs love him, and are always so happy to see him.

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Mathew Garzaniti
Reliable, caring and trustworthy

I've used Cam for over two years and could not be happier and have complete trust in him with my dogs in his care. He's looked after my greyhound and dachshund with daily walks and obedience training. Both dogs have been very responsive to Cam's techniques and he's very knowledgeable and has worked bespoke training to suit the issues. When Cam first came onboard my greyhound could not even get close to another dog without barking and leaping into the air - and this has changed dramatically under Cam's guidance and training where we can now socialise her with other dogs. Cam's also super reliable and always shows up and on time which give complete peace of mind when I'm out. Could not recommend Cam more.

Puppy teething and separation anxiety

We first hired Cam to help us out with our puppy piranha Banjo, a kelpie x springer spaniel. He helped us with strategies to redirect her extremely persistent and enthusiastic biting! We also hired him to develop a separation anxiety/stay at home alone plan for Banjo (and us) because she was getting distressed even when left for short periods of time. He made her a personalised plan, helped us figure which parts of the house she would be happiest in, and made multiple follow up visits and texts. Banjo now sleeps on the couch when we go out and we are gradually increasing the amount of time she spends alone.

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Trish Donaldson
From a leash lunger to leash lover

We have a Hungarian Vizsla who during the pandemic turned his terrible two’s and developed an unsociable habit of leash lunging at dogs for no apparent reason. For a breed that’s meant to be known for licking not lunging, we sought out help from Cam to resolve the problem before it became a real issue. Cam taught us so much more than what we hired him for - he went through the psychology of what Bert was going through and step by step addressed each issue including explaining why it was happening and coming up with tailored strategies to the breed. There were times when training that I was highly anxious walking Bert in the event of an incident so Cam walked Bert and I observed. Cam suggested times to train that we’d get the best results from - such as busy times at the cafe when lots of dogs walked past, or at the dog walking time in the park but it was always adapted to the dogs mood to maximise results. I couldn’t have been happier with either the process or the outcome. It’s been 18 months without a SINGLE lunge and I have a well adjusted and happy dog that doesn’t hold the stress he used to. Of course the only problem now is that Cam lives next to the cafe we frequent with Bert so we need to deal with Bert whining to see Cam each time we walk past as he adores him so much (an incredibly minor inconvenience for the outcome though!!) Highly highly recommend Cam 😊

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Stacey M.
Calm, reliable and knowledgeable

We hired Cam to help us with our large, powerful and highly anxious dog. We wanted someone to walk her while we went away on holidays and realised we didn’t know anyone who could manage her. Cam did training in the lead up to the holiday and a mix of training and walking while we were away. Cam is very calm, patient, honest, reliable and is up to date on the latest research about dog training. Our dog absolutely adores him and she has improved substantially in terms of lead walking and managing her fear of bikes. Thanks Cam!

Helpful advice

I sought Cam out after hearing good things about him from an associate. I was looking for obedience training tips for my two pups (one a Russian toy the other a toy poodle). Cam was full of great advice and very attentive to my dogs’ needs. They both also loved him. Thanks for your help, Cam!