At Active Creatures, our purpose is to restore happiness, harmony and calm for you & your dog.

Each plan is developed with your input and is personalised, adopts best practice & reward-based methods and directly remedies the behavioural problem/s.

With your direct involvement, we use real time practical treatment exercises to maximise your dog’s learning, and bring about behavioural change.

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Managing a dog with behavioural problems can be stressful and worrying. Active Creatures can help.

For a no obligation phone consultation:

  • 1. Arrange a complimentary phone consultation

    Give us a call, send us an email or request a call back to arrange your
    complimentary phone consultation.


    In this consultation we are interested to hear more about your current situation; the behavioural problem/s your dog has been experiencing and the challenges you have been facing.


    This helps us understand the issues and is a prelude to booking in a
    comprehensive behavioural assessment of your dog.

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  • 2. Book a behavioural assessment

    This follows the initial phone consultation and it's where Active Creatures will come to your home to meet and observe your dog in its
    natural habitat, and explore in more detail the information you provided
    during the phone consultation.


    The behaviour assessment is an important part of the process because the details collected during this session will form the basis of a behavioural treatment plan.

    Book a behavioural assessment 
  • 3. Select an appropriate treatment package

    On completion of the behavioural assessment, Active Creatures will recommend a treatment package so we can work with your dog and bring about lasting change.


    We will discuss with you the differences between each treatment package, so that you can choose the package to best address the needs of your dog, as well as your available time and budget.


    Once booked, we'll schedule appointment times for the treatment package based around your availability, between Monday - Saturday.

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A special dog...

Active Creatures was approached to help a beautiful young female dog named Ouiser, who after a traumatic car accident, went missing for 24 hours and was recovering from the incident.

This is a remarkable & positive behavioural turnaround about a traumatised dog - literally too scared to leave her home - has been able to regain her confidence, rebuild her resilience and begin to enjoy her life again.

Information about Ouiser and the testimonial have been reproduced with the approval of Ouiser's owners.

PTST Puppy

"Ouiser was our fun loving puppy until we were hit by an out of control car one day while walking her.

She came out of her harness and bolted while we were injured.

Luckily she made her way back to us the next day but she was not the same pup anymore. She hated being outside and would lock up her legs and refuse to go for walks. All she wanted to do was go back inside, if we even got her out the door to begin with.

We have worked with Cam for a few months now and the change is incredible.

We have started to see her confidence come back and her little spark is well and truly lit again.

She still has some issues outside but I know that we can work through them now with the help from Cam.

It’s been amazing to watch her come back from this horrible trauma and start to enjoy herself again. Thank you so much Cam, you really have changed her and our life.

I recommend Active Creatures whole heartedly. They’ve done a brilliant job and we couldn’t be happier."

Active Creatures. What we specalise in

While Active Creatures can help dog owners address nearly all behavioural problems and issues that their dog is experiencing, we typically get approached by owners with dogs who are suffering from either one, or two of the following complex behavioural problem/s.

Namely, these are:

Separation Related Behaviour

(also referred to as Separation Anxiety or SRB), and

Dog Fear Based Reactivity

It’s common for a dog to be experiencing both conditions simultaneously.

Separation Related Behaviour

With Separation Related Behaviour, we commonly find that the condition plays out both inside the home when the dog is alone, and outside in a particular environment when the owner needs to temporarily move away from his/her dog. In both scenarios, the underlying stress and panic being experienced by the dog can be traumatic.

Fear Based Reactivity

Fear Based Reactivity can be present in a variety of situations. A dog may show both fear and/or aggression towards other unfamiliar dogs that are nearby, especially when going for a walk, or at a local park.

Some dogs may also show these type of behaviours towards unfamiliar adults or children, either inside or outside of the home. Other dogs may demonstrate reactivity towards moving objects such as bicycles, cars and skateboards. And of course, a dog may simply be hyper-excited when placed in these situations - also very common given the number of owners who approach us to help calm and relax their very hyper-excitable dogs.

Another area that Active Creatures is becoming more involved in, is helping owners who have two dogs residing in the same home, where there are infrequent displays of aggression between both dogs. Increasingly, we are being approached for this specific problem given the amount of stress and anxiety that an owner is subjected to.

Utilising current research

Due to this demand from owners for behavioural treatment in the area’s outlined above, Active Creatures ultimately devotes significant attention into researching the most recent and practical advancements into treatment methods and strategies for these conditions. That’s because these complex behavioural issues demand an up-to date, ‘best practice’ approach to bring about lasting positive behavioural change for an owner’s suffering dog.

If your dog has been experiencing some of the above problems, please reach out to us for help.

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