Dog Behaviour

Dog behaviour

Need Help With Your Dog?

Co-founder of Active Creatures, Cameron, is an experienced dog behaviourist, working with dogs and their owners to implement programs designed to solve unwanted behaviours.

Some of the key issues Cameron helps dogs and their owners with include:

  • Separation Anxiety & Related Behaviour
  • Destructive Behaviour
  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression and Reactivity
  • Fear & Anxiety
  • Training Your New Puppy & other related issues

Active Creatures uses only force free training methods in putting in place a Behavioural Management Plan for each dog in need. These methods include, among others, desensitisation and counter conditioning techniques, positive association training, positive reinforcement and other reward based approaches. No aversive, distressing, or punishment based methods are ever used by Active Creatures. These have only proven to be counter productive and only add to the stress and fear already being experienced by dogs. As such, Active Creatures believe that they should never form part of behavioural or obedience training.

Based in Melbourne, Cameron visits local clients at their homes and in their surrounding community (for example, parks & cafes) where behaviour issues commonly arise. By personally observing the dog interacting with their family, as well as through extensive discussion with the owner/s, Cameron is seeking to find the cause of the dog's behavioural problem.

Once Cameron has observed the dog in its home environment (and local community when required), he will work with the owner to put in place a comprehensive Behavioural Management Plan to directly address the relevant problems and issues that have been identified. This plan will also include making the proper changes to the dog’s environment. 

For clients outside of Melbourne, Cameron offers a program via online video conferencing. This program work as follows:

Initial consult: 

During the first session, Cameron invites you to share your observations about your dog. Cameron will help to identify the cause of your dog’s problems and discuss in detail the behavioural issues that your puppy or dog may be experiencing. 

Post-initial consult:

After the first session, Cameron will develop a customised treatment plan to help your dog deal with the behavioural problem, by addressing the underlying cause of the condition and its frequency.

Second consult:

Cameron will share the treatment plan with you; explaining how to carry out the treatment plan successfully, highlighting the key issues and the new techniques and tricks to implement with your dog.

Further consults:

Cameron will keep in regular contact, following up with you if you experience any issues, or need any adjustments made to the treatment plan over time.


To find out more about in-person packages and the online program, please contact Cameron on telephone: +61 1300 793 929 or via email: