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A Dog’s Life

Doing our bit for dogs less fortunate


Winter in Melbourne is cold, windy and rainy. And this Winter seemed to feel colder than years gone by.

So we decided that we needed to rally the support of some of our best pals and take a trip down to the RSPCA Victoria to visit some less fortunate dogs and to provide them with some warm Winter dog coats.

One of Instagram’s most famous Australian dogs, Jinkee the Red Toy Poodle was first to lend a paw, offering up her time to say g’day and distribute Active Creatures dog jackets.

Life of Jinkee Instagram

Jinkee the Red Toy Poodle

Jinkee was joined by Active Creatures model, Toby the English Cocker Spaniel, whose signature locks have made him a famous face in the Active Creatures Autumn|Winter Collection.

Toby the English Cocker Spaniel

And while Jinkee and Toby have enjoyed stardom and privilege in their lives, their excitement and energy was apparent throughout their visit.

They loved meeting Coco, a beautiful fur baby who disappeared in Brisbane and reappeared at the RSPCA in Noosa (150km away) two whole years later. An incredible tale and a secret adventure Coco has never shared with her mum, Blair.

Coco Tails RSPCA rescue dog

And while we were there we also met Winston, a rescue dog whose mum works at RSPCA Victoria, managing all of the events and sponsorships this incredible organisation does across the State.

Winston and Coco really hit it off, sharing a joke and a laugh about how good life is in a loving home.

Winston and Coco RSPCA rescue dogs

But jokes aside, its moments like these that we are truly humbled by the work that the RSPCA does. Active Creatures provided generously so that rescue dogs like Prince could keep warm in his Active Creatures dog jacket this Winter.

Prince is recovering from an operation in foster care until he is ready for adoption.

Prince the foster dog

Every time you purchase from Active Creatures you have the opportunity to direct 5% of your purchase amount to one of three Charities, including RSPCA. Active Creatures is proud to support RSPCA and all Creatures great and small.

RSPCA and Active Creatures proud supporters of all creatures great and small


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